The Music as a Lifestyle

The music as a lifestyle

Since my early years, I do like black music, soul, rhythm'n'blues, funk and smooth jazz. I have always been an avid music lover, who punctually liked going to attend rehearsals for orchestras of classical works. So, there is a place in my work for classical influences.
Totally self-taught and maverick, I create with minimalist hardware (VST plug-ins emulated to a keyboard, software sampler, sound editor) and my project is to reproduce the sound and atmosphere of the great orchestral formations of the 70s, like The Love unlimited Orchestra and MFSB.
I have a great admiration for musicians, composers and orchestrators such as Gene Page, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Vince Montana, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, who marked this golden age of soul music and disco by impressing, each of them, a particular and unforgettable sound.
If my music could, in a modest way, allow older people to relive some beautiful musical and why not ? loving memories, and younger people to discover a sound universe different from the current productions, my objective would be reached.

Jeremy Berenger

The Love Unlimited Orchestra meets

The Elsewhere Fantasy Orchestra

Jeremy Berenger on LM Vibes collections and videoclips


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